"White Cat" is a greek restaurant with a big tradition, history and a lot of friends all over the world.

It operates since 1909.

With great responsibility all these years, "White Cat" offers to its clients-friends exceptional product quality and true greek hospitality inside a comfortable, warm and clean environment.

The cuisine of "White Cat" is traditional, with meals that staying unforgettable, satisfying the most demanding customers. Andrew and the personel of "White Cat", waits for for you to the warm and beautiful place they have made for you, in order to give you a taste of the greek traditional cuisine. In "White Cat" you will have the chance to taste tradional products, like ouzo.

Also we have a variety of appetizers such as octopus in the grill, squids, shrimps, spagetti with lobster and different fish, fresh fish on the grill, salads, all the kinds of meat and many more. Here you will taste rice with mussel, mouzaka and traditional made rooster.

The wine cellar of "White Cat" there is a great variety of greek wines with the best quality and of course the famous draught wine on the cold carafe.

Owner of the restaurant-fish tavern is Andrew Kaikas.